About DezfoxTM

DezfoxTM is a design website maintained by me, James Allen. I created it as a place to showcase some of my logo design work and share relevant information as a resource to help my clients and other designers. Contact me for more information about my services or just to say hi!

What does “Dezfox” mean?

The idea behind the name Dezfox:

Dez: Design — Fox: Clever

Why not just call it “Design Fox?” If you’re familiar with web hosting, you know that memorable one-to-two-word domain names are extremely difficult to find. Even if they’re not already being used by a legitimate business, there are many “cybersquatting” companies that will simply buy a domain so that they can sell it at an outrageous price.

Instead of developing a company name and then trying to secure a relevant domain, I decided to work backward and searched—a lot—for a domain that would fit my needs first. And Dezfox™ was born!

Read my post about choosing a company name and how it relates—or doesn’t relate—to the business it represents.

About James Allen

I attended college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I studied Graphic Design. Searching for a career opportunity, I decided to continue my education in Dallas, Texas. After several years of freelance work under my belt, I finally landed my first position as a production artist.

While being a production artist was a great—and necessary—learning experience, I knew my real passion was design. I continued to strive in the design industry and after a lot of hard work, I achieved my goal of becoming a graphic designer and more.

I now work as an independent graphic and web designer. I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio, but make a meaningful impact for clients of all sizes and industries all over the U.S. I can make that same impact for you and your organization. Contact me today.