My Process

Below you can find my design process, which is a series of steps from questions to concepts to completion. The duration of each segment can vary based on my client’s needs, but in general, the process remains the same. If you have any questions about my process, please ask me!

How I Design Logos

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The length of each bar indicates an approximation of my time investment for that step in the process.

  Ask Questions

In the early stages, the questions I ask the client help craft the initial design brief. E.g. What emotional values describe your company? Or, what is the underlying message you would like to tell customers? The questions I ask help me understand the client and their business—more importantly, their company’s culture and brand message. In order for me to develop an effective brand identity, I need to understand who I’m trying to identify.

  Research & Discovery

This portion of my process involves industry research. I’ll review my client’s competitors and how the industry has formed over the years. I begin considering ways in which my client is different from their competitors and how to leverage those differences visually.


After I feel comfortable with my research, I begin to look at different logo styles. I compare characteristics of other logos and identify how the emotional values are portrayed. This information is useful in recognizing dying trends or in what ways my client’s logo can stand out from the rest. It’s a good way to broaden my design solutions.

  Conceptualize & Design

The most challenging aspect of my process is developing The Idea. I always begin with sketching concepts—a lot of concepts. To many designers, sketching concepts is a critical part of developing a logo. It allows more freedom to create. Designing directly on a computer is far more restrictive, so I always start with a pencil and a sketchpad.

  Pause & Reflect

It’s important to take a step back from designing after a while. Getting fixated on one or two concepts doesn’t benefit me or the client, so I try to look away from the sketchpad occasionally. This helps me approach it again with a fresh perspective, which allows me to decide if the concept is worth developing further or not.


Once I’m confident with one to three concepts, I’ll present them to the client. I prefer to only present three at the most so I don’t overwhelm them. A few options are good, too many can be bad.


Once a logo has been chosen, I prepare and package all of the files for the client. I also include a comprehensive overview of the different logo variations in an easy-to-reference document for their convenience.


Time to get a little rest before the next project!

Discover First-Hand How I Work

Nothing is more rewarding than a satisfied client and no matter what I do, that is always my ultimate goal. So, if you’d like to discover your brand’s identity with me, I’d be happy to help! Or read what some of my clients had to say.