Client Testimonials

Take a look below to read what some of my clients had to say. If you’d also like to work with me, I’d be happy to help. Just fill out my logo form or if you have a question about another type of project, please contact me.

“Working with James has been a phenomenal experience! Rarely do you meet someone with incredible web design skills coupled with great marketing insight. James worked tirelessly throughout my entire rebranding process and delivered an excellent product on time and within budget. I will use James for all of my marketing needs!”

Bruce Weber, Weber Group

“We have now worked with James on several projects, from branding and logo creation to printed collateral development. He has been extremely easy to work with, creative, quick, and responsive. He was able to craft a unique brand-within-a-brand that adds a new layer of identity while continuing to maintain our company’s overall identity. He takes feedback very well and facilitates a highly collaborative process. In addition, he delivers excellent quality and is extremely thorough with providing exactly what you need and ask for in a project.

Working with James has been the best experience I have had with an external graphic designer.”

Michael Church, Corazon, Inc.

“Dezfox has been an extremely valuable part of our branding. He takes concepts and translates them into clean, visually appealing, and professional graphics that continue to impress our patrons and staff. What we like most about James is that he will take creative risks and think outside the box in order to deliver a superior product that we are blown away by every time, while still ringing true to our brand. Thank you James for all you do for us!”

Richard Barba, YBOY Entertainment, Inc.

“I hired James to develop a strong brand for my financial consulting business. He created an excellent and very appropriate logo for my company as well as matching stationery and a website. He was very knowledgeable and helped educate myself and some associates on the importance of brand consistency. I was very pleased with the work he did and have received wonderful compliments on my company’s branding material.

It was great working with James and I highly recommend him for any company’s brand development.”

Jennifer Mullins, PrimeAnnex

“James knows how to listen well and quickly delivers on concept and aesthetic. He offers high value with competitive prices. I wish I could clone him!”

Joshua Henry, BizRazor

“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the professional services offered by Dezfox.

James’ ability to combine creativity with his attention to detail is what sets his work apart from others in his field. From creating the logo, to developing a sophisticated, yet user-friendly interactive website for my business, James has clearly demonstrated his wide range of talent.

Whether it’s for a single-person business, or a very large corporation, I believe James can meet any company’s needs for logo design, business stationery, and website development.”

Chris Pace, KeyCore Construction

“Excellent ideas from an excellent resource! James has a unique way of creating just what the client needs.”

Shamus Dickinson, Communication Express

“I cannot thank James enough for taking my scribbles on notebook paper and creating my first logo that I still use today! He has built several other logos for my other businesses since and will continue to be my go-to-guy for any creative work I need. Thank you so much Dezfox!”

Lorri Karkkainen, Ashley Taylor Products

“James created the website for my company Ashum Corporation.
He did a great job! I highly recommend him.”

Dr. Robert Akl, University of North Texas

“I use James’ services for all of my advertising. He is creative, professional, prompt and affordable.”

Tyler Allen, Tyler Allen Law Firm

“James is awesome and he did a great job! I really appreciate how accommodating he was with our tight deadline. Thanks a bunch Dezfox!”

Leslie Smith, Texas Association of Realtors