Retainer Agreement

Please review the terms below. If you have any questions, please contact me. Last updated: January 5, 2021.


  • Dezfox, LLC hereafter referred to as “Dezfox” or “Designer”.
  • Individual, company entity, or company representative referred to as “Client” identified by project ID.
  • “Deliverables” means any and all created files—digital or printed—including but not limited to: vector artwork, logos, illustrations, graphics, advertisements, images, photography, website files, website coding, templates, printer files, etc.


  1. If applicable, Client retains services from Dezfox at the agreed upon hourly rate on a per hour basis.
  2. Retainer fee is for Designer’s time only, including:
    • design time
    • development/coding time
    • meetings/administrative time
    • travel time
    • required training
    • technical assistance
  3. Retainer fee does not guarantee work for specific deliverables.
  4. Potential third-party costs required to complete project are not included, such as: hosting, domains, email services, additional software, travel expenses, tools, stock photography, etc.
  5. Retainers are invoiced and must be paid in full prior to project start.
  6. Project work will be tracked by Dezfox in one quarter hour increments and billed against the retainer fee until retainer hours have been completed.
  7. Project work will be executed during scheduled time designated by Dezfox.
  8. Retainer agreements are fulfilled once retainer hours have been completed.
  9. Upon retainer fulfillment, a new retainer agreement may begin.
  10. Unused MONTHLY retainer fees expire after 30 days from time of payment and do not carry over.
  11. MONTHLY retainer fees that exceed the agreed upon hours will be billed separately in addition to the monthly retainer fees.


  1. Client must state cancelation through email ( or written letter or may cancel by default if 90 days pass from their last received communication.
  2. Retainers may be canceled at any time. If Client wishes to cancel retainer services, Dezfox will cease project work immediately. If cancelled, unearned retainer fees that are not used can be returned to Client. Uncanceled retainers expire 90 days after last active recorded work time and any remaining time or fees are forfeit by Client.
  3. All project payments for hours worked and deliverables are nonrefundable.


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