Logo Design Terms

To make things easier for clients and myself, these terms were developed to expedite and simplify the logo design process. Please read the terms below or return to the previous page.

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  1. For every logo project, the client must fill out and submit the logo design form. This information is critical for the development of the logo.
  2. A proposal outlining total projected cost will be submitted to the client. If accepted, a 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit of the total projected cost will be required in order to begin the project.
  3. Once the 50% deposit is received, I will present 1–3 logo options for the client to review.
  4. During review, the client can make up to 2 major revisions* and 5 minor revisions* to ONE of the logos, if necessary. More revisions can be requested (read 6b).
  5. Once revisions are complete, the client can either approve or deny the logo.
    1. If APPROVED, the client must pay the remaining proposal amount in order to receive their logo files.
    2. If DENIED, the client can continue more rounds of revisions at the hourly rate (read 6b).
    3. If DENIED, the client can also cancel entirely without paying the other 50% of the cost (read 7a).
    1. Payments can be made using a credit or debit card through my payment portal via Stripe payment services. I will send payment information as needed. Check by mail is also acceptable, but not recommended for time-sensitive projects.
    2. The client has the option to exceed the allotted number of revisions at a rate of $95/hr, which is billed in 1/4 hour increments. This amount is appended to the final cost, irrespective of whether the client ultimately accepts or rejects the final logo.
    3. All payments are nonrefundable. Final payment also indicates a nonverbal approval and end to each project.
    1. Clients who cancel services before approval will not be required to pay the remaining 50% and will not receive any logo files. Cancelation also means the client forfeits all rights to the created artwork (read 8a).
    1. Ownership: Until the logo is paid in full, Dezfox (James Allen Schaffranek) owns the rights to the created artwork. Clients may not print, re-create, sell, reproduce, share, or use the artwork in any way for any reason. The client will own the creative rights for the artwork (logo) once the final payment is received.
    2. Registering Trademark/Copyright: If a client intends to seek copyright/trademark protection of their company name and/or logo, it is their responsibility to do so. The client is encouraged to do so prior to filling out the logo form to ensure that the company name is eligible for registered protection. I do not and cannot provide these services.
    3. Marketing Use: Client permits that I can use their logo for portfolio and marketing purposes including, but not limited to: Dezfox portfolio, advertisements, web banners, e-newsletters, etc. The client can request the removal of their logo from my personal portfolio and marketing materials if they wish.

Please Note

Logo Design Terms are subject to change without notice.

*Minor and major revisions: The complexity and classification of each revision are defined at the discretion of the artist, James Allen.

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